Osama Kakhia

a story of life


ID: Osama Kakhia
Name: Osama T. Kakhia.
Born: 21-08-1978 Homs, Syria.
Residance: Around the world
Education: B.Sc. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  System Engineer

Spoken Languages: Arabic, English, Swedish & little Spanish.
Programming Languages: Pascal, C, C++, C#
Web: HTML, JavaScript, SSI, Perl, PHP, mySQL.
Platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Unix.

  He likes to travel a lot, has been to Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Bahrain, Germany, Grace, Denmark, Sweden & U.A.E.
One of his favorite hobby is graphic design. Add sports, astronomy and flying.
Reading is his most free time consuming hobby. Specially reading about the different cultures of the world and to learns different languages, hoping to learn French soon!

  • Now or Never!
  • The best man; the one who can stands alone.
  • Never talk about yourself. Let your work do instead!
  • Wana' be the best, do the worst