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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:42:43
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Faster Computers...

Here some useful hints to improve the performance of your computer:

  1. Right click on "MY Computer" ->  "Properties" -> "Advanced" -> Performance "Setting" :
    a.  Under "Visual Effects" tab; chose "Adjust for best performance".
    b.  Under "Advanced" tab; Virtual Memory -> "Change":
         - Chose "Custom size"
         - Set the Initial size according to your RAM size. (e.g. 128 if your RAM size is 128 MB).
         - Set the Maximum size to double of your RAM size (e.g. 265 if you use 128 MB RAM)
         - Click "Set"
  2. Right click on "MY Computer" ->  "Properties" -> "System Restore" :
    - Turn of System Restore on drivers that doesn't contain Windows.
    - For the driver that contain Windows, change its settings to 3% of disk usage.
  3. Right click on "Recycle Bin" -> "Properties" - > "Global" tab :
    - Chose "Use one setting for all drivers", unless you'd like to configure each driver alone.
    - Set maximum size of recycle bin to 3% of each drive.
  4. Remove all programs and Windows Compunent you never use.
    - Use "Add or Remove programs" found under Control Panel folder.
  5. In RUN command:
    - type "chkdsk C: /f"
    - repeat the step for other disk drivers (such: chkdsk D: /f)
    - Non-XP users run DISKSCAN instead
  6. Scan your system for viruses. Remember to update your (virus definition list) before that.
  7. - Run "Disk Cleanup" to delete all temporary files.
    - Run "Disk Defragmenter" on all disk drivers.
  8. Check your system files to ensure you've got the correct & recent ones.
    - In RUN command type: "SFC /scannow".
  9. Speed up your startup as follow:
    - In RUN command type: "msconfig"
    - Click on "Startup" tab.
    - Remove the programs you don't want to run at startup.

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