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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:47:15
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Notes about Windows Vista...

Notes about Windows Vista, things to help getting the most out of it:

  1. Install Service Pack 1 (SP1)
    The service pack modifies the system to increase the performance, add extra functionality and solve security and performance issues found in the system. The major advantage of SP1 is the big increase in the performance of Vista. Things would be much more faster.
    To check if you have SP1 installed, right click on MyComputer, chose Properties (see image below). If you don't see Service Pack 1, then go to microsoft.com in the download section search for it. It's free.
    Service Pack 1

  2. 2GB of RAM
    Upgrade your computer memory to minimum of 2GB RAM (unless you are using Home Basic, then 1GB is enough). Vista GUI (Graphic User Interface) is based on high resuoltion. This requires alot of memory. Thus, if you like things to be faster and the load time is less, upgrade to minimum of 2GB RAM.

  3. Disable Visual Effects
    The visual effects, like "Animated Controls inside Windows", consume a noticeable amount of memory and resources. Thus, if you care more about the functionality rather than the appearance, it would great idea to disable these unnecessary visual effects.
    To do so, right click on MyComputer > chose “Properties” > then click on “Advanced system settings” to the left. In the new windows click on the tap “Advanced” > and then under “Performance” click on “Settings”. > Chose “Adjust for best performance”. The above option would disable all visual effects. But if you need to turn on some of them, chose “Custom” instead and play around with turning the options on/off until you are satisfied.

  4. ReadyBoost
    ReadyBoost is a new technology in Windows Vista that would enable the usage of a part of external memory types, like flash drives and memory cards, as Virtual Memory “Paging file” (a paging file is an area of the hard disk that Windows uses as if it were RAM). Of course accessing paging file on some external memories is much faster than accessing it on the hard drive. Thus, if you are working on a heavy application such as Adobe Photoshop, insert a USB2 flash memory into your computer and let Windows use it for paging.
    Note: not all external memory types are compatible with ReadyBoost. To check if a certain type is compatible and to enable it, just insert it and right click on its drive and chose "Properties". Then Click on the tap “ReadyBoost”.

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