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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:54:49
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A list for number of great advantages of Windows XP. Many users doesn't know about these. (More to come soon)
NOTE: I take no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your system, BACKUP first!

  1. To rename a group of files, select them all, press F2, then enter the name and press Enter. You'd notice Windows renames all files but add an increased number to each file. E.g. if you chose name "PIC", Windows would rename the files "PIC (1)", "PIC (2)", ... etc.
  2. Change the login screen, to look like older Windows, by going to "User Account" in the Control Panel.
    - Click on "Change the way users log on or off".
    - Uncheck the "Use the Welcome screen". Then "Apply".
  3. Also if you'd like to use Windows 2 secured login, by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del at startup:
    - In "RUN command" type "control userpasswords2".
    - Click "Advanced" tab.
    - Check the box "Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete".
    - You may also change your users passwords (as an admin) from Users tab.
  4.  Disabling "Sharing Folders" in networks:
    - Run RegEdit. (registry editor)
    - Go to HKEY_CURRRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies
    - From the menu chose: Edit -> New -> DWARD value.
    - Rename the new file to "NoSharedDocuments".
    - Open the file and set the value data to 1 (one).
  5. Shutdown / Restart  Windows in one simple step:
    - Right-click on the desktop.
    - Chose: New -> Shortcut.
    - In the dialog that will appears type: "shutdown -s -t XX" for shutdown or "shutdown -r -t XX" for restart.
    - Change XX with number of seconds before Windows shutdowns or restarts. Type for immediate run.
    - Chose the name of the shortcut according to the process (i.e. shutdown, or restart).
    - In case you'd like to abort the shutdown/restart countdown process create a shortcut with command: "shutdown -a".

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