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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:29:23
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Response Codes...

The "response codes" are special codes, generated by a server once it receives a url request from you, telling your browser the reponse status of your request (e.g. if the page you've requested were not found, the server responses with code: 44).
Note: 2xx codes aren't included (success codes)
Code Description
31 Moved temporary
32 Moved permanantly
33 Method
34 Not Modified
4 Bad request
41 Unauthorized
42 Payment Required
43 Forbidden
44 File Not found
45 Method Not Allowed
46 None Acceptable
47 Proxy Authentication Required
48 Request Timout
49 Conflict
41 Gone
411 Authorization Refused
5 Server Internal Error
51 Not implemented
52 Service temporarily overloaded
53 Gateway timeout
6 Bad request
61 Not implemented
62 Connection failed (host not found?)
63 Timed out

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