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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:33:12
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Ports are the end points of a connection, providing a convenient method for accessing and addressing the connection end.The following list does not include all ports, but it does include all those you are likely to encounter.

Port Name Description
1 tcpmux tcp port service multiplexer
5 rje remote job entry
7 echo echo
9 discard dis card
11 systat system statistics
13 daytime daytime
15 netstat net statistics
19 chargen character generator
2 ftp-data ftp (data channel)
21 ftp-control ftp (control channel)
23 telnet telnet
25 smtp smtp
27 nsw-fe nsw user system fe
29 msg-icp msg-icp
31 msg-auth msg authentication
33 dsp display support protocol
35 private printer server  
37 time time
39 rlp resource location protocol
41 graphics graphics
42 namese rver host name server
43 nicname who is
49 login login host protocol
53 domain domain name server
67 bootps bootstrap protocol server
68 bootpc bootstrap protocol client
69 tftp trivial file transfer protocol
7 gopher gopher protocol
79 finger finger
8 http http protocol
11 hostnamenic host name server
12 iso-tsap iso tsap
13 x4 x.4
14 x4snd x.4 snd
15 csnet-nscsnet mailbox name server
19 pop2 post office protocol v2
11 pop3 post office protocol v3
111 sunrpc sun rpc portmap
119 nntp nntp protocol (news)
137 netbios-ns netbios name service
138 netbios-dgmnet bios datagram service
139 netbios-ssnnet bios session service
146 iso-tp iso tp
147 iso-ip iso ip
15 sql-net sql-net
153 sgmp sgmp
156 sqlsrv sql service
16 sgmp-trap5 sgmp traps
161 snmp snmp
162 snmptrap snmptrap
163 cmip-manage cmip/tcp manager
164 cmip-agent cmip/tcp agent
165 xns-courier xerox network
179 bgp border gateway protocol
21 wais wais
389 ldap ldap protocol
443 https secure http protocol
563 snews secure news protocol
636 ldaps secure ldap prtocol
1525 prospero prosperp protocol

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