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Posted: 2008-09-26 12:34:17
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Net Protocols...

Some of the url protocol specifier strings. Click on each protocol link for more information.

Protocol Specifier Protocol or Function
file: local file access (various protocols)
ftp: ftp protocol
gopher: gopher protocol
http: http protocol
https: secure http
ldap: lightweight directory access protocol
ldaps: secure lightweight directory access protocol
mailto: internet mail address
mid: message-id resource reference; for mail and usenetmessages
news: nntp usenet protocol
snews: secure nntp usenet protocol
nntp: nntp usenet protocol
prospero: prospero directory services protocol
smtp: transfer of mail between two machines protocol
telnet: telnet protocol
wais: wais protocol

“special” urls
java: java classes

about: references information about the browser
javascript: references inline javascript code

Note: I've discarded some information, specially the so "limited protocols (e.g. tftp)".

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